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Dr. Vijayalakshmi Kanakarajan

A Doctor by profession for the past 40years she is well known in the locality for her dedicated service,simplicity ,hardwork. Apart from medical field she has involved herself in various institutional activities and always solicitous about the welfare of her students. She is also the chairman of DR.VIJAYALAKSHMI K.RAJAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION which is solely dedicated to the poor & needy students.Many of them benefitted through this foundation are now Doctors,Engineers,IT Professional,etc.

Dr. Kanakarajan

A Doctor by himself,a perfect Gentleman is also a visionary well known for his administrative skills and Hardwork.He is altruistic,generous,and the backbone of ANANYA TRUST who always dreams for the wellbeing of the students community & comes out with a perfect advice for the day to day activities of the Trust as well as the School. He is also the CEO of DR.VIJAYALAKSHMI K.RAJAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION which has been serving the poor & Needy.


The ANANYA TRUST established in the year 2007 has undergone a few changes in the year 2011.

The Trustees are:
Dr. Vijayalakshmi Kanakarajan - chairman.
Dr. Kanakarajan - CEO
Dr. Saravanaraja - Secretary.
Er. Kauslayadevi - Correspondent.

Head Office:
91/1,ASD Nursing Home,
Coimbatore Road,
Pollachi - 642002.

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